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There are changes from April 2016
New Session Room!

Are you really aware of your body?

Is your body comfortable?
Come work with me to become more aware and comfortable in your body!!
Rolfing® @ KOBE by Asako FYBS is the First Session Room for Rolfing® in KOBE to help you free your body and soul.

Haven't you been bothered by some of these?

  • Bad posture
  • Chronic pains or worrisome conditions
  • Somehow exhausting both physically and mentally
  • Sense of incongruity or wrongness in the body
  • Concern about "locomotive syndrome" with aging
  • Difficulty under pregnancy and after delivery
  • Concern about pain or unbalanceness in a child's growth process

Above conditions could be occured from peculiarities of posture, use of body, and physical and psychological stress which you have had.
Rolfing(R) helps to release those peculiarities that are not needed, and leads to the natural and comfortable body.

Concept of Rolfing(R)

  • Regain the balance of the body which is harmonized with gravity
  • See the body as "Whole" not as "Parts"
  • Work on fascia (connective tissue which wraps muscles, a bone, internalorgans, etc. and made bodily structure) which spread around whole body.
  • Re-educate the body using movement in addition to hands-on work on fascia

Why don't you regaze throughly your body which have worked hard with Rolfing(R)?


Menu and Price are changed from Apr. 1 2016 for new clients.
For existing clients, the change will be applied from May 1 2016.

As Needed Session ¥15,000 /session about 60min

The session which I use all of my skills which are needed at the moment

Rolfing® 10 Series ¥15,000/session about 60min
Post 10 Session(for who completed the initial 10 series) ¥15,000/session about 60min

About Rolfing®
Because this is a series, working on different parts of the body each time, strongly reccomend to at least 10 sessions to receive full benefits. A one-time trial session is also available for the same price.

Counseling and Trial Session ¥5,000/session about 60min

Limited to one time per person.

※Because I will be placing my hands directly on your body, wearing underwear, bra and panties, swimming trunks, or a bikini-type swimwuit is preferred during session. You can change your clothes in my session room, in complete privacy.

Souce Point Therapy®(Energy Work) ¥15,000/session about 60min

About Source Point Therapy®
You can keep your clothes on for this.

Somatic Experience® ¥15,000/session about 60min

About Somatic Experience®
You can keep your clothes on for this.

※Payment should be made directly after each session, in cash only. I'm sorry, no credit cards are accepted.
※If you prepay for 10sessions, you can get discount.
※Kids who are juniour high or less can get discount.
※Pregnant women, post-partum mothers and children: please feel free to consult with me.
※Although I try to accomodate your schedule as much as possible, there is a cancellation fee of 50% for any cancellation, or any schedule change made within 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Thanks for understanding.

Clients' Voices

30's Female Employee
A new experience for me - I feel so different and learnt so much about my body and how it is impacted by daily life! Every session made me feel more "GENKI" and built on each time.
40's Female Teacher
Ten sessions of Rolfing was actually more helpful for overall relief of pain and improvement of mobility than one year's worth of physical therapy.
After completing ten sessions, I no longer suffer from hip joint pain that had plagued me for years. Thank you again for all of your support and hard work.
40's Female Teacher
Rolfing was a very good experience for me, because it made me think about the ways I use my body and the space around me. Walking is easier. My posture is much better too, and I don't get shoulder or neck pain. I think I have more energy than before, and I enjoy my job more.

Shop guidance

Branch name Asako FYBS
Delegate Asako Uemoto
Address About 5 minutes from JR Sannomiya Station East and Hanshin Kobe Sannnomiya Station East Exit
※More information is available to tell at the time of booking .
TEL 080-3835-2705
Open Hours 9:00~20:00(Last starting time)
Asako FYBS
About 5 minutes from JR Sannomiya Station East and Hanshin Kobe Sannnomiya Station East Exit
※More information is available to tell at the time of booking .
business hours (9:00~20:00)

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